Wifi Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is one of the Internet providers of high speed Internet connectivity and communications solutions for business and individuals in Nepal. Established in 2073, Wifi Nepal Pvt. Ltd has always remained in the forefront providing reliable, Cost Effective and affordable Broadband Internet Services. Wifi Nepal Pvt. Ltd has been successful in connecting the most number of homes and offices with fiber connection in different region. We are focused to provide cheapest and best Internet services with different facilities to our customers, whereas our engineers constantly strive to bring the best product and service package according to our customer needs. Wifi Nepal Pvt. Ltd aims to be the service provider that makes future Broadband dream a reality today.


We are focused to serve multi best and cheapest facilities to our customer in digital access world of connection. In this fast growing world, as internet is consider as best weapon, we are dedicated here to let our customer to enjoy with one of the cheapest as well as best internet service available in market.